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​Terms of Service

Article 1 [Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are intended to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities between the “Company” and users in relation to “Good Night” (hereinafter “Service”) provided by “Sound Platform Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”)”. Those who wish to use the services of the "Goodnight" app should read these Terms of Use carefully and, if they do not agree to the Terms of Use, sign their consent to these Terms of Use, or register, access, or use (hereinafter referred to as "Use") the service. do.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows. Among the terms used in these Terms and Conditions, terms not specified in this Article shall be governed by the information on a separate page of the Company website and the relevant laws and regulations, and other general business practices shall apply.

  1. "Site" refers to a virtual business place or service space set up by the company to provide services or services to members using information and communication facilities such as computers, and uses member accounts (ID and PASSWORD) to provide services. Refers to the sites below that can be provided. In addition, it is also used in the sense of the business operator operating the site.

  2. "Service" means the mobile application Goodja music content service provided by the company through the mobile application (a mobile application that can be used by signing up as a member and authenticating the account (ID and password) in accordance with the 'Terms of Use of Goodjah Service' registered by the member) and all related services.

  3. "Member" refers to a customer aged 14 or older who accesses the "service", signs a contract of use with the "company" in accordance with these terms and uses the "service (good night)" provided by the company.

  4. "Contents" refers to all kinds of text, images, and audio or video content that can be streamed provided by the "Service" to "Members".

  5. "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by the "member" and approved by the company for the identification of the "member" and the use of the "service".

  6. “Password” means a combination of letters and numbers approved by the company determined by the “member” himself to confirm that he is a “member” that matches the “ID” assigned to the “member” and to protect member information.

  7. "Use Agreement" refers to all contracts entered into between the "Company" and "Members" in relation to the use of services, including these Terms and Conditions.

  8. "Withdrawal" means that a "member" notifies the company of his or her intention not to use the service any longer by the method specified in these Terms and Conditions.

  9. “User” refers to “members” and “non-members” who use the “service” or related services provided by the “company”.

Article 3 Interpretation of Terms and Conditions

  1. The “company” may have separate terms and conditions and operation policies (hereinafter referred to as terms and conditions or policies for each service) for each service, and if the content conflicts with these terms and conditions, the “terms and conditions or policies for each service” take precedence. It's possible.

  2. Matters not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws or commercial practices, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., and the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions.

Article 4 Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions

  1. The "company" posts the contents of these terms and conditions within the "service" so that "members" can easily understand them.

  2. These terms and conditions become effective when the user agrees to these terms and conditions while signing up as a "member".

  3. "Company" may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the "Act on Regulation of Terms", "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc." (hereinafter "Information and Communications Network Act") and Consumer Protection Act.

  4. If the "company" amends the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revision are specified and announced along with the current terms and conditions in accordance with the method of paragraph 1 from 7 days before the effective date of the revised terms to the day before the effective date. However, in the case of amendments to the terms and conditions that are unfavorable to “members,” they will be notified 30 days prior to the effective date, and be notified separately and clearly through electronic means such as a consent window when logging in for a certain period of time in addition to the notice.

  5. Even though the "Company" has notified or notified in accordance with the preceding paragraph that if the "Members" do not express their intentions by the day before the application date, they will be deemed to have expressed their intentions, but the "Members" expressly reject their intention If not indicated, it is deemed that the "member" has agreed to the revised terms and conditions.

  6. If a "member" does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he or she may express his or her intention to refuse to the "company" and terminate the "service" use contract by the day before the application date.

Article 5 “Contract for Use”

  1. The “use contract” means that a person who wishes to become a “member” (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) agrees to the terms and conditions, applies for membership, and automatically becomes a member when the “company” approves the application.

  2. In principle, the "company" accepts the use of "service" for the application of the "subscription applicant". However, the "company" may not accept the reason for each subparagraph, and may cancel the subscription approval or terminate the "use contract" if the reasons for each subparagraph are confirmed even after subscribing.

    1. If the “applicant” has previously lost “membership” qualifications under these terms and conditions, except when obtaining approval from the “company” to re-register as a member

    2. If you use a name other than your real name or someone else's name

    3. In the event that false or incorrect information is entered or provided in the registration information, or the contents presented by the “Company” are not described

    4. If approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the “member” or if the application is made in violation of other regulations

    5. In the event that an application is made for the purpose of hindering social well-being, order or morals

    6. If the age of the “subscription applicant” at the time of application for membership is less than 14 years of age

  3. “Company” may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities or if there is a technical or business problem.

  4. If the application for membership is not approved or withheld in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3, the "company" shall, in principle, notify the applicant for membership.

  5. The time of establishment of the “use contract” is when the consent of the “company” to sign up for membership reaches the “member”.

  6. The “company” may classify “members” into “members” by level (“member”, “non-member”, etc.) according to company policy, and differentiate the use by subdividing service menus and content use.

Article 6 Provision of “Service”

  1. The “Company” provides various services that “Members” can use via the Internet and mobile, including all services provided to “Members”, and the “Company” is responsible for the contents and operation of “Services” to provide stable “Services”. and technical matters, etc. may be changed.

  2. The use of the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle to the company's business or technology. However, the "company" may temporarily suspend the "service" on the day or time set by the "company" for regular maintenance, expansion, and replacement of the system. We will notify you in advance through, etc.

  3. The “Company” may temporarily suspend all or part of the “Service” without prior notice in the event of maintenance, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication failure, or significant operational reasons. In this case, the "company" notifies the "member" by posting it on the e-mail address registered by the "member" for the "service" or by posting it on the notice of the "service". However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the "company" cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.

Article 7 Change of “Service”

  1. The "company" may change all or part of the "service" provided according to the contents, operation and technical needs of the "service" in order to provide stable "service".

  2. If there is a change in the content, usage method, service fee, etc. of the “service”, the contents of the service to be changed and the date of provision must be posted on the “service” prior to the change.

  3. The “company” may modify, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge according to the needs of the “company” policy and operation, and will not compensate “members” unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws. not.

Article 8 Suspension of “Service”

  1. The “Company” may temporarily suspend the provision of “Service” in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication, or reasonable operational reasons. In accordance with Article 16, "members" are notified. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the "company" cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.

  2. The "company" may conduct regular inspections if corrections and inspections are necessary for the provision of the "services", and the regular inspection time is as announced in the "services".

Article 9 Restrictions on Use, etc.

  1. The “Company” may restrict the use of the “Service” step by step, such as warning, temporary suspension, or permanent suspension of use, if a “Member” violates the obligations of this Agreement or interferes with the normal operation of the “Service”.

  2. "Company" violates related laws, such as provision of illegal programs and obstruction of operation in violation of the "Copyright Act" and "Computer Program Protection Act", illegal communication and hacking in violation of the "Information and Communications Network Act", distribution of malicious programs, and acts of exceeding access rights. In this case, you can immediately suspend the use permanently. In the case of permanent suspension of use pursuant to this section, all benefits obtained through the use of the “Service” will be extinguished, and the “Company” will not compensate for this.

  3. The "Company" is subject to the conditions and details of the restriction within the scope of the use restriction in this Article as set forth in the "Operational Policy" of the "Service".

  4. In the case of restricting the use of the “service” or “terminating” the contract in accordance with this Article, the “Company” will notify you in accordance with Article 16.

  5. “Member” may file an objection in accordance with the procedure set by the “Company” regarding the restrictions on use under this Article. At this time, if the "Company" acknowledges that the objection is justified, the "Company" will resume the use of the "Service" immediately.

Article 10 Establishment of service use contract and payment method, etc.

  1. "Member" can use some service items designated by "Company" or services free of charge for a certain period of time. When the company provides a paid service, if a "member" wants to use the paid service, payment can be made by the method prescribed by the company. However, each payment method may have certain restrictions according to the characteristics of the payment method.

  2. If the service is discontinued, the period of use of the “paid service” is up to the date of discontinuation of the service notified at the time of the discontinuance notice. Accordingly, if the service is terminated, the right to use may be lost.

  3. "Company" may not accept a "member" application for paid service if it falls under any of the following cases, or may defer approval until the cause is resolved.

    1. If you do not pay the fee for the paid service

    2. If the total amount of paid service application and deposit amount do not match

    3. If there are other reasonable reasons and the company deems it necessary

  4. "Company" notifies the member through the method of Article 16 of these terms and conditions as an expression of consent when a "member" applies for the use of paid services in accordance with the procedure of the above clause, and the time when the notice of consent reaches the "member" is deemed to have concluded the contract.

  5. If a "member" fails to pay the fee with the payment method selected in Paragraph 1 of this Article even though he/she has applied for a paid service, the "member" shall bear the damages caused by non-payment of the fee. "Company" will attempt to charge again when "Member" updates payment method information. This may change the start date and periodic billing date for subsequent paid services.

  6. “Members” apply for the use of “paid services” to “company” in accordance with the procedure below.

    1. For members, 'Account Login', and non-members, use of "paid service" is restricted.

    2. Choice of payment destination

    3. Choice of payment method

    4. An indication that you agree to these terms (e.g. mouse click)

Article 11 Personal Information Protection Obligation

The "company" strives to protect the personal information of "members" as stipulated by related laws such as the "Information and Communications Network Act". Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the "company's" personal information processing policy apply. However, the personal information processing policy of the "company" does not apply to linked sites other than the official site of the "company".

Article 12 Obligations of “Company”

  1. The “Company” shall ensure that the “Member” can use the “Service” on the desired start date of the “Service” unless there are special circumstances, and will do its best to provide the “Service” continuously and stably in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. I'm trying.

  2. The “company” must have a security system to protect personal information so that “members” can safely use the “service” and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.

  3. "Company" has the necessary manpower and system to properly handle complaints or damage relief requests of "users" that occur in relation to service use.

  4. Employees of the “Company” must not leak or distribute the personal information of “members” related to service provision to a third party other than members, and violation of this may be a reason for dismissal from their position.

  5. If the "company" deems that the opinion or complaint raised by a "member" in relation to the use of the "service" is justifiable, it must deal with it, and the "member" through notifications, announcements (bulletin board) or e-mail in the "service". You can communicate the process and results to ".

  6. "Company" does its best to provide convenience in the procedures and contents related to contracts with "members", such as the conclusion of contracts for use, changes and termination of contracts, etc.

Article 13 Obligations of “Members”

  1. "Members" must not do the following. Members who violate the contents of each item above may be subject to forced withdrawal and will be held liable for civil and criminal penalties.

    1. Illegal acquisition of "service" information

    2. Hacking the "service" or using similar programs to make normal operation difficult (e.g. hacking or virus distribution, DDoS attack, etc.)

    3. An act of distributing false information about the "service" or disrupting business

    4. Changes in information posted by "Company"

    5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of "Company" and other third parties

    6. An act of using or utilizing the "service" for commercial purposes without the consent of the "company"

    7. Acts of accessing "services" through automated means or other fraudulent methods without prior consent of "company", acts of fraudulently generating or increasing the number of exposures and clicks, acts of applying for use of "services", acts of "company" acts that cause load on the server of

    8. Illegal acts in violation of other current laws and acts in violation of notices additional to the service

  2. "Members" must comply with related laws, these terms and conditions, user guides, and matters notified or notified by the "company" in relation to the "service", and other "acts that interfere with the work of the company," the honor of the "company" You must not do anything that damages you or causes harm to others.

  3. “Members” cannot transfer or give the right to use the service or other status under the contract of use to another person without the express consent of the “Company”, and cannot provide it as collateral.

  4. In case of violation of these terms and conditions or violation of other laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea, the authority of the “member” may be revoked according to Article 15, and the “company” does not compensate the “member” in any way.

Article 14 Obligations for the management of “member”’s “ID” and “password”

  1. The “member” is responsible for managing the “ID” and “password” of the “member” and must not be used by a third party.

  2. The “member” shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused by leakage, transfer, or rental of “ID” or “password” without cause attributable to the “company”.

  3. “Members” must immediately notify the “company” if their “ID” or “password” is stolen or a third party is using it without permission, and the “company” will do its best to promptly process it. make an effort.

Article 15 “Membership” withdrawal and loss of qualification

  1. If a "member" falls under any of the following reasons, the "company" may limit or suspend membership.

    1. If false information is provided when applying for membership

    2. If the member does not pay the debts borne by the member, such as the price of goods purchased using the "company", on the due date

    3. If you threaten the order of e-commerce, such as interfering with the use of "Company" by others or stealing the information

    4. If you use the "company" to act against the law or these terms and conditions or against social order

  2. If the "Company" restricts or suspends membership, it notifies the "Member" in accordance with Article 11.

  3. After the "company" restricts or suspends membership, if the same action is repeated twice or more, or if the cause is not corrected within 14 days, the "company" may lose membership.

  4. If the "company" loses membership, membership registration is canceled. In this case, "members" are notified of this, and a period of at least 14 days or more is set before membership registration is canceled to give them an opportunity to explain themselves.

Article 16 Notice to “Members”

  1. If the "Company" notifies the "Member", it can be done at the e-mail address provided by the "Member" unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.

  2. If the "company" notifies all members, it can be substituted for the notice in the preceding paragraph by posting within the "service" for more than 7 days.

Article 17 Human Account

  1. If a “member” has not used the “service” for more than one year, the “company” converts the “member” account to a dormant state and keeps the personal information of the account separate from the personal information of other members.

  2. Log-in use is restricted for inactive accounts, and the "Company" does not use or provide personal information of accounts that have been converted to dormant status.

  3. The "company" notifies the "member" in advance of the fact 30 days prior to the scheduled processing date in Paragraph 1, and after converting the dormant account, the "member" can release the dormancy through a separate authentication process.

Article 18 Termination of Use Agreement and Refund

  1. "Members" can apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the setting menu in the "service" or through the customer center, and the "company" must process it in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations (however, the contents of this article are not related to the content subscription service). only applies).

  2. "Members" may apply for cancellation of the use contract within each of the following designated periods depending on the type of service used.

    1. Use of free service Within member service use period

    2. Members who purchase a 1-month subscription pass

      1. Within 7 full days (24 hours x 7 days) from the date of purchase of the first subscription

      2. Within 3 full days (24 hours x 3 days) after 2nd or more regular payments

    3. Members who purchase a 12-month subscription pass

      1. Within 14 full days (24 hours x 14 days) from the date of purchase of the first subscription

      2. Within 3 full days (24 hours x 3 days) after 2nd or more regular payments

  3. The "company" refunds the following amount depending on the type of paid service and the time of cancellation.

    1. Members who purchase a 1-month subscription pass

      1. If cancellation is requested within 7 days (24 hours x 7 days) of the first regular payment date

      2. If cancellation is requested within 3 full days (24 hours x 3 days) after the 2nd or more regular payments

    2. Members who purchase a 12-month subscription pass

      1. If cancellation is requested within 14 full days (24 hours x 14 days) of the first regular payment date

      2. If cancellation is requested within 3 full days (24 hours x 3 days) after the 2nd or more regular payments

  4. Upon receipt of the "member"'s application for legitimate termination, the "company" implements the cancellation and refund procedures according to the cancellation and refund instructions specified in each paid service (subscription voucher). However, in the case of each of the following subparagraphs, it is not applicable to the cancellation application of "member", so the member's cancellation and refund procedures may not be fulfilled.

    1. In case the "member" fails to use the service within the period of use by mistake

    2. If the "member" does not use the service after unilaterally deleting the app without any notice

    3. If the "member" unilaterally fails to pay the fee without any notice

    4. If it is not found to be another legitimate method of termination

  5. "Company" may terminate the use contract in accordance with Article 15 if a "member" violates these terms and conditions or violates related laws.

  6. When the termination of the contract of use is completed, all information of the "member" except for the information held by the "company" will be deleted in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the privacy policy.

  7. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the "company" terminates the use contract in accordance with Article 15, the "company" may retain the information of the "member" for a certain period of time in order to receive and process the objection of the "member", and the period After elapsed, the information of "members" will be discarded.

  8. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are inconsistent with the Apple App Store and Google Play's refund policies (e.g. refund period, etc.), refunds for services sold on each platform will follow the respective platform's refund policy. In particular, please note that the monthly fee is automatically paid if the member has set the auto-renewal function for each platform account according to each platform policy. At this time, even if the “member” did not actually use the paid service, the “company” does not bear the obligation to refund if the deadline for providing the paid service has elapsed.

Article 19 Issuance of vouchers and promotions, etc.

  1. The company may issue prizes such as free tickets as needed, such as promotion of service use, and provide usage time to enjoy the contents provided by the company for a certain period of time.

  2. In addition to the provided hours of use, discounts on fees, payment and application of points or prizes may be changed according to the circumstances of the company, in which case it will be notified in advance as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

Article 20 Ownership of Copyright and Restrictions on Use

  1. The copyright and intellectual property rights of "Service" and "Content" belong to "Company".

  2. The "Company" may utilize the information of "Members" to provide "Contents" suitable for "Members".

  3. The "company" grants "members" only the right to use the "service" in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the "company" in relation to the "service", and the "member" disposes of it by transferring, selling, providing collateral, etc. can't act.

  4. Loss or other problems caused by the arbitrary and unauthorized use of the contents are solely the responsibility of the individual "member", and the "company" is not responsible for them.

  5. "Members" cannot use the content posted on this service for commercial or other personal gains without permission.

  6. "Members" must compensate in accordance with legal procedures if they cause damage to "Company" by unauthorized theft of content posted on this service.

Article 21 Provision of information and publication of advertisements

  1. In operating the “service”, the “company” may post various information on the service screen or provide it to the “user” by way of e-mail or application push notification.

  2. The “Company” may post advertisements on the homepage, service screen, e-mail, and application push notifications in relation to the operation of the service. However, if the “company” sends advertisements by e-mail or application push notification, it is sent only to “users” who agree to receive it after confirming whether or not to agree to receive it.

  3. “Users” do not take measures such as changing, modifying, or restricting posts or other information in relation to the services provided by “Company”.

  4. It is entirely a matter between the "user" and the advertiser if the "user" communicates or makes a transaction by using advertisements posted on the service or participating in the promotional activities of advertisers through the service. Even if a problem arises between the “user” and the advertiser, the “user” and the advertiser must resolve it directly, and in this regard, the “company” actively participated in the advertiser’s illegal act, or neglected the illegal act intentionally or by gross negligence The "company" does not bear any responsibility unless there are circumstances such as

Article 22 Trademarks

  1. "Company" grants you only the right to use services such as account, ID, content, etc. according to the terms and conditions set by "Company".

  2. Customer may not remove, obscure, hide, modify or otherwise alter any proprietary notices, symbols, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos or other marks of the Company or any third party associated with, affixed to, or contained in the Services ( (including copyright and trademark marks) of the Company or any third party, Customer agrees to display any signs, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, or other marks of the Company or any third party to the owner, licensee, or authorized user (as the case may be) of such marks, names, or logos. You agree not to use it in a way that is intended, likely to be, or expected to cause confusion to others.

Article 23 Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

  1. “Company” is exempted from responsibility for providing “service” if it is unable to provide “service” due to natural disasters, DDOS attacks, war, suspension of service by telecommunications operators, or force majeure.

  2. The “company” is not responsible for any obstacles in using the “service” due to reasons attributable to the “member”.

  3. The “company” is exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.

  4. "Company" is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy, legality, etc. of information, data, and facts of "content" posted on "service".

  5. The “Company” is not responsible for the use of the “Service” provided free of charge unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws and regulations.

  6. “Company” shall not be liable for disputes arising between “members” or between “members” and third parties through the “service”.

  7. "Company" is responsible for all problems arising from security problems that are not within the scope of management of "member" or mobile environment of "company", or network hacking that is difficult to defend with the current level of security technology, which occurs without cause attributable to "company". We are not responsible for any problems.

  8. The “Company” does not take any responsibility for damages caused by “members” leaking or providing their personal information to others.

  9. The “company” is not responsible for the failure of the “member” to obtain the expected benefits by using the “service”, and is exempted from responsibility for damages caused by selection or use of the “service”.

  10. In the case of data charges incurred by connecting in a non-Wi-Fi environment, the “member” cannot request any payment to the “company” for the charged fee.

  11. If the "Company" needs to suspend all or part of the "Service" due to reorganization or operation of the "Service" or an urgent situation of the "Company", it may suspend the provision of the "Service" by notifying it 30 days in advance.

  12. “Members” cannot claim compensation for subscription rights that do not have a period of use when all or part of the “services” are terminated, or if the period of service use that occurs at the time of membership withdrawal is terminated without using it.

Article 24 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. In the event of a dispute between the “Company” and “Member” in relation to the use of the service, the “Company” and “Member” shall consult in good faith to resolve the dispute.

  2. If the dispute is not resolved even after the consultation in Paragraph 1, both parties shall use the district court that has jurisdiction over the address or residence of the “member” as the competent court.


These terms and conditions apply from 04/04/2023.


Article 25 Use or Provision of Personal Location Information

Article 26 Rights of subject of personal location information

Article 27 Rights of legal representative

Article 28 Rights of persons obligated to protect children under the age of 8


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